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In a green environment with unparalleled views of the Aegean Sea and the Castle of Mytilene, at a distance of about one kilometer from the city centre, is the “Oinoforos Estate”, an ideal choice for making wedding receptions and baptisms  all over the year.

High-end reception area, with upgraded services constantly follows the new data and “listens” to the needs and desires of the guests, always with hospitable mood and respect.

The Reception begins with a wonderful aromatic sagrea production of the Winery. It follows an interesting tour of the cellars by the experienced and specialized staff and acquaintance with the world of wine. The oak barrels and collections of old wine items impress.

In the facilities of Oinoforos  there are fountains with running waters that “emit” positive energy, fully equipped and modern bars with delicious cocktails, great dance  until morning.

At the same time, high-end sound installations and modern lighting effects (high-tech robotics) are provided and video boosters can be viewed on a projector. The generator ensures the continuation of the event in the event of a power failure.

In addition, organized and adequate parking and a children’s play area are available and special care has been paid to facilitate access and enjoy the stay of people with disabilities.

In case of adverse weather conditions, guests can immediately transfer  to a warm and elegant interior covered by a folding glass patio, with great views.

Special emphasis is placed on food. Quality and delicious food from fresh products of lesbian land are cooked with local olive oil on the day of the reception at the premises of Oinoforos. At the same time, live cooking is allowed. The dishes accompany excellent quality bottled wines (‘’DAPHNIS & CHLOE’’( white and red), ‘’MAKARA’’( red wine)’, ‘’DOLCE KLEOPATRA’’(semi – sweet wine) and ‘’ROSE KLEOPATRA’’(rose wine) production of the Winery in unlimited quantity.

Comfortable and well-equipped suite is available in the couple for relaxation and freshening throughout the event. Unforgettable will be the photo shoot in the cellars of the Winery against the backdrop of the oak barrels and relics of the past.

With knowledge, experience, passion, but above all in a welcoming mood, all the players of the “Oinoforoforos Estate” guarantee the success of the event. Trust us.

For further information visit the site:,

page in fb: ktima oinoforos -wedding venue  and instagram ktima_oinoforos. Contact numbers: +302251044738, +306949544276, +306982852397



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