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Fashion and portrait photographer

Fashion and portrait photographer


Product Description

We wish to introduce ourselves to you, by trying to express both our artistic mentality and photographic goals, so that you have an idea of what you can expect from us.

We are a team of professional photographers with many years of experience and similar references in terms of aesthetics. Being there for you on your special day, with all our sincerity and productive effort is truly important to us, so we thank you in advance for this possibility.

In your special moment, we see ourselves as being your own private storytellers, through our captured images and their natural sequence. We like to focus on what is really happening, your joy, your happiness, mixed emotions, capturing your expressions, feelings, body language, the diversity of the scenery, or even little details that make you who you are. This is why we avoid pre-directed interruptions on your special moments while you experience them, rather we prefer to be ‘invisible’ as professional observers, but at the same time as ‘present’ as your guests, allowing ourselves to be part of what is truly going on.

For this reason, we deliver a unique photo selection, digitally processed and in high resolution, so that you can have the possibility to print in best quality, as many of them as you like.


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