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Having learned to complete and complement one another, both as brothers and co-workers, we aim to create stories that are simultaneously both moving and humorous. Specializing in photojournalism, we seek to find those hidden details that make all the difference and conceive wedding photography as an interplay of both documenting people as well as seizing that special moment through our lens.

We believe that it is spontaneity that reveals true beauty. What if something does not go as planned? Life is neither perfect nor flawless. Life is a rollercoaster, full of smiles, shocking reactions, tears, joy and madness. Just like a wedding ceremony.

Our snapshots reveal the bride and grooms’ entangled hands, a father’s tear of joy and a girl on the dance floor, cocktail in hand. They are the protagonists, the ones who tell the story and give life to every shot. For this reason, all we ask is that you stare deeply into each other’s eyes, seemingly unaware of our presence, a ray of light caressing your faces and ‘click’, just like magic, this moment is sealed for eternity.


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