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Invitation App

Focus on your event and your guests

With the inviteApp we have developed, you can easily create your event online and provide all the juicy details for your event.

Here you can specify the event date and time, the exact location and also include a representative image for your event!

You can also write event notes, so that your invitees will know all the important information and details that are good for them to know. Of course you can declare the reply deadline, meaning by when would you like to know who is attending your event and who is not.

Finally you have the option to declare your event as a PUBLIC event, meaning that everyone visiting the app will be able to see your event!

Once you create your event in the app, you can easily start sharing it with your friends and the people you want to invite.

Your invitees will see all the details for your event and they can easily proceed with a reservation!

Once you create your upcoming event, you can easily start chatting with your participants through the app. You can also create public chat rooms, where all participants will be able to follow the conversations. This will make it easy for everyone to follow on last upates or new guidelines for your event. 

Furthermore, your participants could easily create a new chat topic with questions they might have and address these questions to the event organizer or any other pariticpant they choose to discuss with.

Everytime an invitee completes the RSVP form you will be instantly notified with an email, You can also have a clear view of who will attend or not with a single click.

Special food preferences can also be declared from your guests, so that you can pay extra attention on this.