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Would you like to have a system for managing your bookings and organizing your work, while this system will also bring you customers and recognition?              All you have to do is register for free with us!

What we offer for registered vendors:

Current pricing policy

The system billing policy is based on credits*. Thus, whenever a request is made by a directly interested customer and the professional wants to respond to this request, then a credit from the vendor digital wallet is removed.

        At, the potential client has found identified the vendor he is interested in (location based and also based on other criteria that have been set) and sends specific requests. With every new request the professional knows the day of the event, the number of people who are expected to attend, the type of event and finally when the customer wishes to receive a quotation. Once the professional accepts to initiate the communication channel with his potential client, a credit is charged. Through the system, the professional can communicate with the customer (via a specialized chat panel) and clarify any detail needed for the offer to be prepared. The vendor can then create as many offers as he wants, each of which has its own unique ID. The customer accepts the offer and the professional confirms the reservation as he/she holds the final decision for providing the service to that customer (depending on whether other customers have taken over the same day, if the customer has covered any financial prerequisites set by the vendor, such as an advance, etc.).

By creating a professional account, we provide free credits so that the vendor will have the time to view and evaluate the system.

        * The estimated unit cost of a credit is around 2 euros.