Building your coorporate profile


Creating an robust corporate profile is one of the most important points for the platform. It is important to spend some time and to put as many details as you can for your business.

The following paragraphs provide details for all the points you should focus on and carefully complete. Company profiles that are not complete can not become public on the platform and cannot be searchable by interested customers.

1) Background image (max size 1 MB) - *Mandatory*

At the top of your company profile modder, enter a photo representative of your business. It's a photo that can highlight and embellish your page.

2) Αvatar image (max size 1 MB) - *Mandatory*

This is the small, round photo next to the business name. It is very important to have this photo because it appears in the first search the clients are doing. There you can put your Logo or a picture that will attract the customer's attention.

3) Business Name - *Mandatory*

This is one of the first points you are asked to fill. You basically complete how you want your company name to appear to the audience. It is considered useful, but not necessary to use Latin characters.

4) Website

If you have a website, it is good to register it here. You must be careful to register the site in the format requested, i.e. or If you do not write it like the format requested, it may not be possible to save your changes.

5) Email address

Here you just fill in the email address you want the clients to see.

6) Social media links

If you have accounts on known social networks such as facebook, instagram or twitter, you can simply paste the specific urls that refer to those accounts.

7) Business Description - *Mandatory*

It is a very important point here, as it is the only way to provide to the customer the message you want for your business. A concise paragraph presenting your services, your corporate policy, your professionalism and everything else you want to communicate, could make it easier to clients to come in contact with you.

8) Photo gallery (max size 1 MB)- *Mandatory*

At this point, you upload up to 10 photos, through which you can better express your services and the quality of your work. Each photo should not exceed 1MB in volume.

9) Working range - *Mandatory*

Last point, but perhaps the most important. It is here where you define your range of activity in the country. If you are a reception area, property or hotel, of course you do not have a choice to define any range. However, all the other categories of professionals, can specify their range of action (up to 200 km) or declare that they can serve the whole country.


Instructional Video

Items 1,2,3,7,8,9 are mandatory in order your profile page to become public. Check below video for a detailed prsentation on how to build your public corporate profile.