suggestions from married to unmarried couples

20 inspired suggestions from married couples to those getting ready to tie the knot

A very nice and interesting Reddit thread asked from married couple to share their advise to couples getting ready to tie the knot. Their answers are so interesting and true that is worth reading them: […]


Social statistics for Greece and Europe

Today the majority of households in Greece are mainly single-person, meaning that a either a man or a woman who decided or happened to live on their own. […]


Registration for new vendor categories is now open

We have now opened the registration process to a many new vendor categories, in order to expand our reach to new levels! […]


Newest trends for successfully managing an event

1st Trend: Facial recognition for participants A real game changer which can be feasible due to the rapid change in software and hardware technologies. […]


How to pick the right vendors for your event

Selecting the right vendors for your event is a very tricky matter and needs a lot of attention. A wrong selection can lead to […]

excel seating planner for events

How to manage on your own your guest's seats with this free Excel

Download for free this speciaziled Excel we developed for you, so that you can very easily organize and manage on your own your guests seats. […]


Business Event trends that you should have in mind

What actually makes a corporate event successful? This would be exciting networking opportunities, engaging presentations and of course good food![…]


Are you getting married this year? Find here all the wedding trends!

If you are preparing your wedding in 2019 here you will find all the new trends for the most special day of your life. […]


How to build your corporate profile page

Creating an integrated corporate profile is one of the most important points of the platform. It is important to spend some time and to put as many details as you can for your business. […]


Preregistration begun Preregistration begun…! The first specialized platform for the event professionals and venues has launced in Greece. Eventlobster will be an event marketplace where professionals/ venues and users can easily get in touch, exchange offers and book their services directly through the platform. Preregister here With your preregistration you will receive special benefits, which […]


Why preregister

EventLobster is a platform solely dedicated in the events. Professionals enrolled in this system will be offered strong marketing tools and be promoted to a number of people looking to hire the most suitable pro for their event. Why preregister? Event professionals who decide to preregister to the system will be offered numerous advantages: 50 […]