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20 reasons Why!

As the new decade approached, nobody could believe that human kind would go through something as shocking, brutal and unexpected

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Urban Scape late summer Wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece

Both Penny and James are Greek-Australians living in Melbourne, so when the groom called me I knew they were going

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Business Event trends that you should have in mind

What actually makes a corporate event successful? This would be exciting networking opportunities, engaging presentations and of course good food!

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Free Excel seating planner

We created for you this very simple Excel, with which you can very easily organize and manage all the seating

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Registration is now open for new vendor categories

Please see below the types of professional accounts now eligible to create profiles with us: 1. Lighting and Decoration Lighting

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Find here some of the most trending facts for event managent

1st Trend: Facial recognition for participants A real game changer which can be feasible due to the rapid change in

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How to pick the right vendors for your event

Selecting the right vendors for your event is a very tricky matter and needs a lot of attention. A wrong

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20 inpired suggestions from married couples to those getting ready to tie the knot.

A very nice and interesting Reddit thread asked from married couple to share their advise to couples getting ready to

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Wedding and social trends in Europe and Greece … Eventlobster 0 years ago

Trends in Greece Today the majority of households in Greece are mainly single-person, meaning that a either a man or

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