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Why list on Eventlobster?

  • Eventlobster makes it very easy to list your business or service. You can list services that you offer, venues and event receptions or even experiences, that are mainly related with social or corporate events.
  • Eventlobster is ideal for you and your return customers to connect directly with you.
  • You are in full control of your pricing, content, calendar, rules and how you connect with your clients. We offer the tools to make it easier for you.

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Go to “Sign in” and select “Register”

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Once you select “Register” don’t forget to click on the tab “Owner” in order to create a professional account.

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Once you create your professional account, go and start creating your business listing. Put honest information and material. All listings are reviewed prior publication.

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If you offer more than one service or you have more than one venue, please feel free add your other services/ venues separately by creating new listings. You have full control of everything!

Our event community is our priority

We help you promote your business and feel confident with your clients.

Your listing, your rules!

You have a complete control of your prices, policies, rules and availability for your clients