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20 reasons Why!

As the new decade approached, nobody could believe that human kind would go through something as shocking, brutal and unexpected as it did. Postponing life changing events, not being able to travel, being away from the ones closest to your heart was a small price to pay in order to secure everyone’s safety. So we […]

Urban Scape late summer Wedding in Thessaloniki, Greece

Both Penny and James are Greek-Australians living in Melbourne, so when the groom called me I knew they were going to pay their Greek heritage an honor by doing a destination wedding in Greece. I naturally thought it was going to be an island wedding, because they both love the Islands. When James told me […]

Business Event trends that you should have in mind

What actually makes a corporate event successful? This would be exciting networking opportunities, engaging presentations and of course good food! Further to this must-have attributes, there are some new trends arising in the corporate world that will affect both your guests and host. Those trends include exercise breaks and “green” initiatives. Are you interested to […]

Free Excel seating planner

We created for you this very simple Excel, with which you can very easily organize and manage all the seating arrangements for your guests. We give you the tools to easily fit your guest on their table and not forget anyone. Try this totally free by dowloading it from us here: Instructions – How to […]

Registration is now open for new vendor categories

Please see below the types of professional accounts now eligible to create profiles with us: 1. Lighting and Decoration Lighting and decoration is a very important aspect of any event. It is the impression you provide to your guests and the mood you want to create to them. Having qualified experts to create the right […]

Find here some of the most trending facts for event managent

1st Trend: Facial recognition for participants A real game changer which can be feasible due to the rapid change in software and hardware technologies. This trend will not only surprise your guests, but also improve to a great extend the pace of the check-in procedure and make your attendees happy. No more barcode utilization or […]

How to pick the right vendors for your event

Selecting the right vendors for your event is a very tricky matter and needs a lot of attention. A wrong selection can lead to very devastating results for you, your guests and of course your event as a whole. Thus a very careful selection for your vendors or venue needs to be taken into consideration, […]

20 inpired suggestions from married couples to those getting ready to tie the knot.

A very nice and interesting Reddit thread asked from married couple to share their advise to couples getting ready to tie the knot. Their answers are so interesting and true that is worth reading them: 1. “Expectations will ruin a marriage. Exponentially so, if there is no communication.” From user TMG1053 2. “Assume nothing. Your spouse is […]

Wedding and social trends in Europe and Greece … Eventlobster 0 years ago

Trends in Greece Today the majority of households in Greece are mainly single-person, meaning that a either a man or a woman who decided or happened to live on their own. According to the European Union’s statistics office (Eurostat), the single-person households rose by almost 4% from the year 2010 to 2018, accounting for the […]