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Free Excel seating planner

Free Excel seating planner

We created for you this very simple Excel, with which you can very easily organize and manage all the seating arrangements for your guests. We give you the tools to easily fit your guest on their table and not forget anyone. Try this totally free by dowloading it from us here:

Instructions – How to use

1) Insert the full name of your guests at the Sheet “Guest List”. Just put the names under the “Full Guest Name” tab.

2) Then go to the “Table Plan” sheet and start selecting your guests names from the drop down list for different table sets. Everytime you select a name of one of your guests, this name is removed from the list, so you know exactly how many people are still pending to get a seat.
The tables have a default seating capacity of 10 positions. If your tables have less seats, i.e. 8 or 6 seats, you can just delete one or more seats from the default table size, by simply deleting the table number from the column D (“Table numbrer”). By deleting the table number once, your table becomes a 9-seater, by deleting one more it becomes a 8-seater, etc.

3) You can finally print your entire table list with all the guest names sorted alphabetically, by going at the “Print Table List” section.


Instructional Video

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