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Business Event trends that you should have in mind

Business Event trends that you should have in mind

What actually makes a corporate event successful?

συμβουλές από παντρεμένους προς ανύπαντρα ζευγάρια

This would be exciting networking opportunities, engaging presentations and of course good food! Further to this must-have attributes, there are some new trends arising in the corporate world that will affect both your guests and host. Those trends include exercise breaks and “green” initiatives.

Are you interested to host more productive and amazing business events or meetings? Adopt these trends and see immediate success…!

Breaks with exercise & healthy meals

Would you like to inspire creativity and more productivity at your next meeting? You should consider to encourage movement and exercise breaks to keep the tempo running and the blood pumping. If there is not much free time, offer15-minute yoga classes or quick meditation practices. If there is more time during the events, you can offer morning boot camps or more active team building activities such as hiking or rock climbing.

Event applications

Mobile event applications are here and probably will stay for much longer. Those apps really help guests and attendees and keep things simple, since at the convenience of their hand can know exactly all the details required and stay organized. There is a variety of mobile apps that help event organizers , such as agendas, event messaging, interactive social sharing etc. all of those can boost attendance and help with productivity. All these apps also further help event planners to keep an exact track for RSVPs and make invitations and check-in as simple as possible.

Go green

If still your event does not offer any green initiatives, then most probably you are making costly mistakes! Sustainable factors like glass bottles, or online agendas and recycling materials, not only are attractive and popular among the guests, they are also major money savers. Furthermore, spaces equipped with low energy demanding equipment and access to free Wi-Fi, for sure will please the guests and also reduce the expenditures for the event.

Location of the event space

This is a key factor for any event. Why not invest more on this? Instead of looking for spaces based on their price, you should better consider looking for places most convenient for your guests, e.g. next to public transportation, near parks or restaurants etc. Especially for events that span a few days or are targeting team-building, easy access is important.

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