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Registration is now open for new vendor categories

Registration is now open for new vendor categories

Please see below the types of professional accounts now eligible to create profiles with us:

1. Lighting and Decoration

Lighting and decoration is a very important aspect of any event. It is the impression you provide to your guests and the mood you want to create to them. Having qualified experts to create the right impressions and set the stage for your event can prove to be very crucial!

2. Bartender

He is the soul of your event! Everyone knows that having good drinks can even turn the worst event to the best experience for everyone. It is the magic of the cocktails and the experience of the bartender to instantly switch the mood to become a crazy party and a great experience to remember. So never forget to get a good bartender to you next event!

3. Waiter

The people behind the scenes, but without them you would have a great failure! Having professional waiters, who can identify easily the needs of your guests and serve them without any delays can create a very smooth flow for your wedding, corporate event or party. It will add a lot of points to your overall event score, thus remember to hire people with experience and good servicing qualificatiouns.

4. Music band

Music along with the drinks mentioned before is one of the top priorities! Having live music is always a “wow” factor. A good band can cheer up the mood and transform your event to a memorable party. If you also have the capacity to hire a famous music schema, then you should be certain that everyone will talk about your event the next day and the days after!

5. Luxury yacht for events

The elite is now moving its events and parties on board! This is a new trend that is for those who want to add a bit of adventure and of course unique scenery to their guests. Having an event on a luxury vessel is a tremendous experience and everyone invited would want your party last forever.

6. Event planners

One of the key vendors who can really do the job for you! If you really want your event to succeed and get rid of all the stress to arrange every single detail, just leave it to the pros! Event planners really know how to organize everything according to your will and never miss the tiniest detail. Hire a team of qualified planners and seat on the back seat to enjoy the ride.

7. Hair and make up

A must-have vendor, especially for women who want to be perfect in any way. Since this is a very personalized service, it is important to find vendors who can really understand your needs and your aesthetic criteria. Be cautious to scrutinize your options and also get feedback if possible.

8. Flowers

No matter the season, we love flowers. Get experts help to create beautiful floral centerpieces to impress guests and beautify your event venue, without having to make any major design changes. Wherever you place your flowers, these designer ideas and tricks will have them looking better and lasting longer than ever.

9. Gifts

Gifts are the favorite part for the event hosts and the guests! Giving away some nice and memorable gifts to your guests will be a great tool to keep them bonded with your event and keep their memories alive. Also, it is a good and common practice (for particular event types – social events) the guest to provide to the event host gifts related for the specific occasion. In any case, having a good and reliable place to look for good gifts is always important.

10. Transportation

Whether you are looking to hire an expensive car for you to make a big entrance or you are trying to assist your guests το move around with prescheduled arrangements, you just need to contact a transportation company that will offer you the solution you are seeking. Find luxury limos, small transportation buses or vans and any other setting that will help you or your guests move around for your event and make them feel comfortable and carefree.

11. Dress and Attire

Finding the right dress or Attire is always a very challenging process! It requires a lot of time and efforts to find the exact fit for the scope of the event and also for your persona.

12. Equipement rental

A successful event is not only the venue, the food, the music or the drinks… it is also all the other minor things (that sometimes stay unnoticed) that together help to make your event a great success! The seating equipment, the drinking glasses, the tablecloths, viewing monitors, dry ice etc, are all there to make your guest feel the comfort or the amazement that every unique event requires.

Our core vendor categories, with whom we started our services, are of cοurse still hosted and supported by our event booking platform. Those are:

13. Catering

No need to discuss about the importance of the catering for an event. Besides the fact that the catering is also one of the most expensive parts for any event, it is also the one that will make all the attendees to talk about. Having very tasty local or international food, that could satisfy all the weird requirements is one of the hardest and simultaneously one of the most crucial factors for any successful event. Pay a lot of attention to pick the right vendors and stay within budget!

14. Photographer – Videographer

What would you need to have to remember your very successful event, if not the photos and videos captured? Thus since the memory is fading fast, having a good record of all the nice and unique moments from your event is a must have! For this scope, choose carefully your photographer and videographer, since their work will stay forever and will be the only tool that you can have to refresh your memories and also to share with your guests.

15. DJ

Music is what always sets the mood for your attendees. Since humans are totlly emotional, having the right music accompanying your event, is the number one contributing factor to make everyone feel happy and why not, go to the dancefloor to express it!

16. Venues

The venue you choose must have an appropriate space for the type of event you are planning. Will your event require a dance floor? Will you need a PA system? What about a speaker’s podium or a projector screen? What sort of table setup do you need? In addition to considering these sorts of questions, here are some of the top venue planning questions to ask yourself: Does the event venue meet the special criteria of your program or event? Can the venue accommodate your production, entertainment, A/V, sound, and other technical needs? Does the condition of the facility reflect the high standards of your organization? Once you know the answers to all the above, you can certainly short list the venues that can match your needs.

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