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Find here some of the most trending facts for event managent

Find here some of the most trending facts for event managent

1st Trend: Facial recognition for participants


A real game changer which can be feasible due to the rapid change in software and hardware technologies. This trend will not only surprise your guests, but also improve to a great extend the pace of the check-in procedure and make your attendees happy. No more barcode utilization or confirmation emails and tickets! Just a simple smile at the camera and DONE!

2nd Trend: Augmented reality


Augmented reality is an amazing new trend that will open totally new dimensions to your attendees and how they can interact with the settings around them. With AR and a smartphone, you can unlock a new word to your guests and trigger their attention to details no one could ever imagine. This technology not only will attract more participants to your events, but also sponsors will be more interested to invest and promote your event!

See an example of how Google uses AR in their maps app at below video:

3rd Trend: Security/ Cyber security

Safety was and always will be one of the most challenging and crucial aspects for any event. Making attendees feel safe is very important and will provide added value to your event. Security needs a lot of time to be properly planned and executed. However, it shall not be too alarming for the participants. Utilizing armed guards in uniforms, will most probably add a sense of fear among the guests. Better use guards dressed up like normal people and allocate them along the crowd in a random way.

Furthermore, it is very important to properly communicate all the safety risks before the event to the guests. You may send them in advance safety measures, present them a video of the emergency exits of the venue, so that everyone is updated to the best safety practices.

4th Trend: The power of data


Never underestimate the timeless value of stats and data. Utilization of applications, beacons and smart mats (a way to measure the foot data by your attendees), will assist any event organizer to better understand the needs of guests and measure their preferences. With such means event organizers can optimize the floor plan and be able to present hard data to sponsors and get better rates.

5th Trend: Values and philosophy

corporate values and philosophy

Millennials are more sensitive to the values and the corporate awareness. Hence events that do the extra mile and emphasize to the mission of the company or the philosophy behind, will have better chances to attract easier this kind of audience.

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