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How to pick the right vendors for your event

How to pick the right vendors for your event

Ηow to find qualified professionals

Selecting the right vendors for your event is a very tricky matter and needs a lot of attention. A wrong selection can lead to very devastating results for you, your guests and of course your event as a whole. Thus a very careful selection for your vendors or venue needs to be taken into consideration, prior deciding your final selection.

Price shall not lead the way

Selecting only based on the prices is not always a good way to go. Picking the cheapest option could prove sometimes your worst nightmare. There are of course cases were the lowest price could be associated with very decent services offered and you could get the results you wish, but the history has shown that this is a rare scenario and in most cases the results you get are linearly associated with the cost you paid for the services.
So you need to cautiously evaluate the quotes you have received from all your vendors and base your decision not only on the offered prices, but in combination with the offered services and other criteria, which will be analyzed below.

Vendor quality criteria

1. Speed of response and follow up

The speed of response and how well a vendor does his follow up, can always serve as a quality index. Vendors who really have a passion for their job, they do respond promptly, and they do follow up on all their clients, so to make sure they will get the job. Being close with your potential clients can show that the professional really cares and most probably will also care for you after you have booked him.

2. A sound presence on the internet

Most of the times professionals or venues that have a good quality, do also have a strong presence in the social media and in the internet in general. They do have a strong corporate website, which is presenting their quality work and what the can really offer to you and also they are active in the social media by showcasing their corporate material frequently.

3. Reviews

Having the privilege to find reviews for the vendors you are in contact with, is really valuable and can really save you time and effort for your final decision. Nevertheless, finding reviews from untruthful sources, could lead you to false direction. There are numerous websites presenting reviews for many vendors, but the question you need to answer yourself is, how do those websites generate the reviews? Is it open for everyone to submit a review or do they follow specific processes and have policies to safeguard the integrity of the reviews submitted. Because without such criteria it is easy for listed vendors to collect numerous misleading reviews from friends or family. Getting in touch with an assessor from those reviews could further help you clarify whether the review is trustful and also decide on the quality of the vendor and whether you should go with him.

4. Personal connection

It might sound trivial, but having a good connection and chemistry with the professional who will undertake your event is of paramount importance. This personal connection can be gained either from a good communication over the phone or messages or even better if you have the time to meet your vendor in person. This will clearly make it easy for you to understand if you really match with this professional. Messages exchange can also demonstrate to you the quality and the character of the vendor since they way we express ourselves, shows who we really are. When you receive weird responses to your questions or answers that are not as appropriate as you would expect, these are signs that this vendor might not really match with your persona.

Location of the venue

Regarding the venue selection in particular, besides the cost of this venue or the amenities it can provide to your guest, a very good question you need to answer is how convenient it will be for your guest to visit this venue. Does it have an easy access from public transportation means, does it offer accessibility to guests with disabilities, will it offer parking etc. Except if you have really found a unique place, which is not easily accessible, but still will make your event memorable, then just go for this option!

how to find qualified professionals and venues

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