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20 inpired suggestions from married couples to those getting ready to tie the knot.

20 inpired suggestions from married couples to those getting ready to tie the knot.

A very nice and interesting Reddit thread asked from married couple to share their advise to couples getting ready to tie the knot. Their answers are so interesting and true that is worth reading them:

1. “Expectations will ruin a marriage. Exponentially so, if there is no communication.”

From user TMG1053

2. “Assume nothing. Your spouse is not in your brain, cannot read your mind and cannot interpret passive aggressiveness with the intent that you’re trying to deliver.”

Aπό χρήστη TMG1053

3. “Your spouse is not responsible for your happiness and you are not responsible for your spouses happiness.”

Aπό χρήστη TMG1053

4. “It’s not always a 50/50 partnership. Each person has to be ready and willing to put in 100% when the other person cannot. Sometimes you have to give more, and the books may never balance out again, and that’s OK!”

Aπό χρήστη EatPizzaPizzaPizza

5. “It’s never you against your spouse. It’s always you and your spouse against the problem.”

Aπό χρήστη PenniDreadful

6. “Kiss a lot! Physical contact builds your feelings of intimacy.”

Aπό χρήστη Chelsea424

7. “Get a hobby and make sure they have a hobby. Separate from your own. Have a hobby together, but also have something for yourself.”

Aπό χρήστη TMG1053

8. “Dream together. One of the best things in life is being able to look forward to exciting things. If you can dream up something incredible with your spouse it’ll not only give you something to look forward to, but will keep that fire burning and remind you of your promise to one another.”

Aπό χρήστη TMG1053

9. “Keep your relationship private. If you have issues with your spouse, bring it to them, not Facebook, not Reddit, not your mom. Keep your troubles, dirty laundry, stress, and issues between the two of you.”

Aπό χρήστη TMG1053

10. “Be prepared to date each other forever. The second you stop courting each other, it all falls apart.”

Aπό χρήστη softkermit

11. “Someone once told me, ‘Once you get married, your spouse becomes your family, and your family becomes your relatives.’ It really helped me navigate stressful family gatherings, knowing we had each other’s backs and that we were our own team.”

Aπό χρήστη johnthestarr

12. “The point of arguing is not to win, it’s to understand where they’re coming from and why this issue matters to them.”

Aπό χρήστη manateebae

13. “Be playmates. Find time to play games or chase, whatever. Just play.”

Aπό χρήστη Chelsea424

14. “Learn how your partner deals with stress and anger, and learn together how to make it work for you guys.”

Aπό χρήστη CityoftheMoon17

15. “Be honest. That doesn’t mean tell each other everything — but don’t deliberately omit information your spouse should know.”

Aπό χρήστη Jenmo

16. “Make sure you want a marriage, instead of just an awesome wedding.”

Aπό χρήστη filthyhermit

17. “You’re a team — act like it. Especially in front of the kids.”

Aπό χρήστη Coolest_Breezy

18. “Too many people don’t understand that the first ‘I do’ is the first of a lifetime of daily ‘I dos’ required to make it work.”

Aπό χρήστη High_On_The_Shelf

19. “My wife recently passed away from breast cancer, and my advice is to marry your best friend — the one you like to have random conversations with, the one who makes you laugh a lot. The one you can spend all your time with. The one who will support you in tough times and vice versa. You know, The One.”

Aπό χρήστη DeanSmartin

20. “When fighting, think of your entire relationship & ask yourself, “is this going to matter over the course of the relationship?” Probably not.”

Aπό χρήστη PenniDreadful

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